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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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i am a business owner and property owner as well. i moved over to the ocean avenue district in 2001, right before the street was redeveloped. during the redevelopment it hurt my business. i had a big hole in front of my property. they came and installed some equipment down there. over the next several years i have seen how the street improvements have helped my business. in 2003 i was introduced to the committee that was formed and i started to help in the little
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ways that i can to maintain, helping to improve the district. basically summarizing what i have experienced, one of the points were many positive improvements at ocean avenue and landscape improvements, promoting the district to draw customers and complementary businesses to the area. in the annual festival and holiday decoration events, the way that i see it, i see the funds coming in yearly and they are unpredictable.
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with the organization in place that we have -- [tone] if you will, quickly, the funds set aside to improve the district is like this, it is easier to keep it moving them to push it, started again and have a rest. thank you. any more public comments? seeing no one, we will close public comment. >> this is self-empowerment, you have the opportunity to vote. we have seen it across the city. everyplace it has been
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generated, we have seen the success. we have had business owners that were unhappy and did not like it in other corridors. we will see where the election goes, allowing that self- empowerment happen. it could absolutely be a great benefit for the avalon bay and whole foods that are coming. in the stand at that spot has been boarded up at the blockbuster for -- i understand that that spot has been boarded up with a blockbuster for how many years? a lot could happen. supervisor avalos: in terms of the development, there will be a big impact in the marketing change on the corridor.
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i believe that this community benefit district will make a great complement to the demographic changes that we will see with a service level that will meet the needs. i am supportive and look forward to seeing the vote. i encourage property owners to give it a try. thank you all for coming out on both sides today. colleagues, can we move this >> yes. supervisor avalos: i want to accept the amendment as a whole and the new plan as well. we can do that without objection. forwarded to the full board with recommendation. thank you very much. i think that is our last item, so we are adjourned. thank you.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> what everybody please stand for the pledge of allegiance? >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the commissioners. president marshall: present. vice-president mazzucco: present. commissioner dejesus: present. commissioner chan: present. >> james hammer is excused this evening. all seceded is the assistant chief of police and also as someone from the office of citizen complaints. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. this is the meeting of the san francisco police commission for wednesday, september 22. we have a lot of items tonight in closed session. we will get to them as quickly as possible. we will move things around a little bit. he will call item one.
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>> item 1 is general public comment. this is where members of the public may addressed the commission. these are items that do not otherwise appear on the commission. >> you have three minutes. >> members of the police commission, i am the director of san francisco open government. i happen to be a gentleman that took the police department to the sunshine ordinance task ordinance for failure to follow the sunshine ordinance. the police department does not like the sunshine ordinance. it does not like anybody delving into anything that is their business without their knowledge and approval. about three years ago, i tried to get a couple of other documents. i made about 20 different phone
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calls to my local precinct. i have a whole bunch of officers and staff members who had no understanding of sunshine. they ask me questions like, who are you? why do you want it? if they did not approve of what i said, they hung up on me. one told me to go f myself. they require a listing of all of the documents that they keep as a matter of public record. public records do not belong to your department. they do not belong to any individual officers. they are the property of the citizens and county of san francisco. after 10 years from 1999-2009, when i found out that there was nothing on the index of records,
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i filed the complaints. after a long, drawn-out battle, i finally got determinations that you and the police department were in violation of the law. there is something in place on the web site. if you read the section of the ordinance, it in no shape, way, manner, or form does what the law requires. you are law officers. you are supposed to ensure that the law is adhered to. whether you like the sunshine ordinance or not, it was passed by the citizens of san francisco. getting access to documents at the police department should not be the struggle that it is. you have one telephone number with which you can get information. everything else is kept secret. i would be willing to bet that 90% of what you have would have
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no problem with members of the public previewing or seeing those. there is no way for members of the public to access those documents without going through a lot of hassle and sometimes having their rights denied to have it. you are under oath to uphold the a constitution of the united states. you violate not only their civil, but their constitutional rights. >> next speaker please. >> hello. i have always come here to talk about mind control weapons. the threat has greatly escalated. as i informed you guys through
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visits, some police officers, look at how serious this is, police officers have been attacked. i have told reilly, james, jim, investigations, i have spoken to a lot of other people. sergeants and police officers alike. nothing has happened regarding this matter. nothing at all. the main person who was working on this, officer kelly dunn is not here. she has missed appointments. i want you to understand that one person is not doing find due to their thoughts and actions
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being affected by the weapon. it is not working out at all. i do not know what you are doing. these are horribly tortured people. they are really tortured people. there are some cases of homicide from various accounts and everything like this. this is not right at all. we have had this for the last three or five years. there is no help whatsoever. now they are attacking. even before, they are attacking police, fbi, and military personnel. the threat is greatly escalated. i want you all to realize that you have to do something about this now. the main person in charge of this, it is not showing up. she basically cannot do her job.
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she will not be able to think. i want you to know how you are going to combat this threat. i have a death threat regarding this case. this is something that is insanely serious. nothing is happening. please do something about it quickly. i cannot stress this any further. your officers are not fine at all. >> further public comment? seeing none, thank you. lt.. call item two, please. >> reports to the commission. discussion item. >> good evening. hello, president marshall. how are you?
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president marshall: good. how are you? >> as of today to what we have 36 homicides. violent crime is down 5%. this is as of september 18. property crimes down about 10%. this year, we have had 22,272. we are down 9% on part one crimes. do we want to have the capt. do his presentation now? >> yes. >> good evening, commissioners. i apologize.
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i could not give notice. we will try to do better. i am here to briefly address the crime situation in the area of the mission district. the dwelling and the surrounding area is located. as you can see, the dwelling is in this sector of the district. this is the southeast portion of the district. there has been a slight increase in crime in the four-car sector. that has not been a real significant.
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districtwide, robberies were down 14% this month as opposed to the previous month. that is down by 25%. there were eight robberies last month in the sector. four of them, arrests were made. we are working hard to eliminate robberies altogether. of those robberies, only two were robbery's with which a gun was displayed. assaults, five incidents this month as opposed to the previous month. in the district, it increased from two incidents to six incidents. one thing i would like to attribute this to is the fact
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that we have saturated the area with a lot of high-visibility patrol cars and. we are getting to some of these fights quicker. in the past, we did not get there quick enough. combatants when both directions and there was no aggravated assault. the common threat is that the victims are very uncooperative. burglaries, we only had one burglary in the sector this month, as opposed to three the previous month. the major tool that has been very effective at reducing the gang violence in this area has been the civil gang induction. most dramatically, you could
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corroborate that by pointing out that in 2008, there were 16 homicides in the mission district. last year, there were four homicides in the mission district. we attribute a great deal of responsibility to that dramatic drop to the civil gang in debt -- civil gang in junction. the tactics that are utilizing right now to make the area safe for is to have less drug operations, robbery abatement operations where we use the call is. one such operation is going on as we speak. putting a decollate out there to see -- a decoy out there to see,
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giving a those that would rob an opportunity to do so. we have permanent assigned beat officers in the area so that the citizenry can meet the beat officers and develop a relationship with them. our secret and most important weapon in dealing with this is my plainclothed sergeant, who i am going to ask to come up and talked about the situation regarding some still will that is their right now. he could best explained that. mario is the foremost latino
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gang expert in the area. >> good evening, commissioners. to give you a little background on the violence that is going on, we have a group of nortenos gang members. they are having a feud with some of the residents and people who frequent them. there is a group of mixed races. african-americans, latinos, and some owens. -- samoans. we had a homicide where a latino victim was killed. the person who committed the homicide was somebody who frequented this. we are conducting a lot of surveillance.
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we have recovered two guns from the gangs in the last three weeks or so. we have are arrested people that frequent the group that were involved in this feud. we have a rest of a few of them on the robbery on september 12. this has come down a little bit. we are still proactive. we are doing decoy operations as we speak. we have a sergeant posing as a victim. that is what is going on. it is a small fraction of the norteno gang fighting a small
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group. >> she has been here the last couple of weeks. she is the director, it is right around the corner, right across from the park. i met with her on monday. she is a concern citizen and being vocal about it. i do not know if you are able to give her some assistance. more so as a community person to try to work with some of the younger people. she is very concerned. >> i stayed away from that area because i buy drugs. not anymore.
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i recently got reassigned to the mission district. i had been an officer for about eight years. i had spoken to other people from the area. they are actively involved in the community there. i have spoken to her about what is going on. >> she focused on this one officer. she feels like she is out there alone. if you could keep in on her, i am going to look from my end to help her out. >> miss harris i met with a couple of weeks ago. >> get to the microphone,
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please. >> i had one of my plainclothes officers check in with her daily. some that she has worked with in the past and has a good relationship with. she has good reason to praise the officer. they have been an outstanding officer. we like to deal with the concerns of the community there. >> i do not want to feel like she has lost touch. i am going to be working with her a lot. i will be the go-between if necessary. >> great. >> in conclusion, chief gascon sent word to me that he wanted
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me to invite a member of our citizens advisory board for the mission district from that neighborhood. he is here. we have two members of the board here. i would ask him to step up. >> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for letting me speak. i have a letter that i would like to make public from the mission center. this says, der chief dusk on -- chief gascon, he is one of the most cooperative captains in
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recent history. this is including working with the mission began, the community work, and another. this data is hard to capture, since the police are not able to capture all of this when interventions are in place. you have committed the offense such as the easter egg hunt when the community would work with him. in closing, it is with great pleasure that i write this letter of support with the great accomplishment under the captain. thank you to the director. we in the community believe that what makes change is the synergy that happens when the police department and the community come together. historically, in our community,
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the police department worked as a very friendly department in our community. that has changed a lot. the captain has reached out to us. the community feels empowered by this. there were a lot of changes happening in the area. we have a lot of outside influence coming in. older men would sometimes hang out and play games in the park. there is also an increased police presence. he is the director. one of the things that we put together is what is called this text messaging phone tree for all of these organizations to work together. you see anything going on in the community. there is a group text message where everybody knows what is going on.
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the police department responds promptly. as soon as we have that incident where there is a big fight at john mcconnell and there was a drive-by shooting. thank god that nobody got hit. that happened on a friday. we all met ed john o'connell high school. the lieutenant attended the meeting. this is what we were going to do together to face the violence. it is important that we continue to build this. in our perspective, the chief said something very important when he came to visit us. just like there is sometimes 99.9% of the police department doing their job, you have good officers like that. in the gangs, you have 99.9% that are good and then the 1%
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that are the real gang members. we are trying to work together to make sure that we worked as a collaborative. we have meetings every month. i am made little nervous. sari if i am rambling. -- sorry if i am ramblin. maybe he can talk about the important work that we are doing. i think is as important. law enforcement enforces the law. i think that work is very important. thank you for letting me speak. >> good evening, commissioner and president. i am very